Excel 2019 Beginners

Her no-nonsense teaching approach to unraveling complex topics captivates learners, making her classes engaging and riveting. Are you ready to be inspired by an industry veteran whose teaching prowess knows no bounds? Join Cindy’s and embrace a learning experience that will propel you to new heights of success. Let Cindy be your guide as you unlock your true potential in IT and beyond. I also particularly like that the author has made the program relevant to a variety of different types of users.

Screenshots provide visual reference to display direction to the student as the student completes the instructional steps. The content is clear, accessible, and easy to follow. I suggest using a sans-serif font throughout the e-book and also Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons additional font colors in the paragraphs to enhance clarity. Again, spreadsheet software, whether it be Excel or a Google worksheet generally maintain standard functionalities so updating a book such as this should be terribly difficult.

Excel 2019 Beginners

I would suggest covering absolute reference and relative reference together instead of splitting them. I would also suggest covering all the Print topic together instead of splitting into different chapters. Even though your current logic of splitting them makes sense, it makes the “Print” and “Cell reference” topics less easier to be used as independent subunits. The subheadings “Printing” and “Preparing to Print” are not self-explanatory before reading the content. The online version is easy to ready, but the pdf version can be improved .

  • The textbook uses the exact same format and terminology definitions throughout.
  • The book categorizes basic concepts and their practical applications independently as well as organically.
  • Other than that, the user interface for both formats were free of distortions and distractions.
  • I will be recommending this course to other aspiring PMPs.
  • I also particularly like the starter files and the links used to access the starter files really blending the chapter material to actual worksheets.
  • The correct terms are used to describe actions and Excel functions.

I actually came to your courses because I want to master the IT aspects of project management. I will be recommending this course to other aspiring PMPs. The course exercise and instructor demo files consist of 2 .ZIP files. Once unzipped, all of the exercise and instructor demo files will reside in individual folders. The book is very accurate and this reviewer found no errors.


This is a very thorough and comprehensive textbook for beginning MS Excel. The book is easy to follow and scaffolds skills at an appropriate pace for a beginner. The only downside to the book is the quickly dated material. This is the case with all textbooks pertaining to software.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

Since the data file for chapter 6 was called ‘Data File-New,’ the check totals likely did not get updated when a new data file was created. None of these would keep me from using this book, but I would point them out to students to decrease their frustration level. This reviewer’s interest in this text is as a detailed self-paced supplement for students studying business and finance. The detailed hyperlinked Table of Contents was more than adequate for finding search topics. There was nothing in the textbook that seemed culturally insensitive or offensive. Since it is a software-based book, there isn’t a discussion of social issues, such as race or ethnicity, in this textbook.

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This is a good book for Excel beginners, particularly suitable for teaching Excel in a general elective course or business major. It would be better to have more practice and assessment problems in each chapter to for instructors to assign them as homework or self-practice activities. Today, proficiency in Excel is typically needed for roles in business analytics, data analysis, and statistics. Having a bachelor’s in data science degree or even master’s in data science or a related field will be helpful in your search for data-focused roles that use Excel. An online data analytics boot camp may also teach you how to use Excel. Microsoft Excel was designed to support accounting functions, making it a long-time industry staple.

  • It is a low-key thing to include, but it is a very important inclusion.
  • Her no-nonsense teaching approach to unraveling complex topics captivates learners, making her classes engaging and riveting.
  • It includes all the basic skills necessary to create most documents in excel.

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