How to do a YouTube giveaway step-by-step guide 2024

The reason why is because it taps into people’s innate thirst for attention and admiration. Alternatively, if boosting engagement is what you’re after you could consider incorporating actions like liking, commenting on or sharing your videos as prerequisites for mining equipment maker ebang to create crypto exchange entry. This approach not only increases engagement on your channel, but also generates excitement and visibility for your content. Include some added info such as how many people participated in the giveaway, how you selected the winner(s), and what they won.

The video details some of the site’s latest articles over the past month and tells viewers what they could win by entering. The user management dashboard provides an overview of who’s entering your giveaway, their actions, how many entries they earn, and their contact information. And when it comes to drawing a winner, you can do so with the built-in random winner picker. It comes with various pre-built giveaway templates with all the actions needed for a successful contest.

For help installing WordPress plugins, follow these instructions. If you’re in any doubt, seek legal advice to ensure you’re on the right side of the law.

To set up Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, check out this guide. So, click on the Actions tab to select different ways users can participate in your YouTube giveaway. So if your goal is to grow on YouTube, click the Grow Your YouTube Channel template. After installing and activating RafflePress, hover over the RafflePress icon and click Add New to create a giveaway. Then, download and install the plugin to your WordPress website.

Before you create a giveaway on YouTube, check out YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines. It’s the easiest way to grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers with viral giveaways and contests. Once you’ve chosen the type of giveaway and prizes, it’s time to craft the rules and guidelines that participants must follow.

  1. When you’re happy with your prize name, description, and image, click on the Done Editing button.
  2. We recommend using PushEngage to send your push notifications.
  3. So all you need to do is include the contest URL in your video description.
  4. Go ahead and launch your own to drive sales, leads, and even more engagement for your channel.
  5. To set up Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, check out this guide.

If you can’t create a full video, even a YouTube Community Post will do. Check out this article to learn how to how to buy klima dao pick a giveaway winner easily. As we mentioned earlier, RafflePress makes it super easy to launch giveaways.

From there, he customized the shoes before giving them away to shoppers. While this is an effective way to boost both the YouTube Channel and Instagram profile, it feels like a lot of steps for people to take. If you are still not so sure, feel free to review YouTube’s guidelines (further above) to ensure compliance.

You can use the Rules Generator Template to get a head start on creating your YouTube contest rules quickly. This is the last step before you can start running your giveaway. Having concrete rules in place protect you and your giveaway participants. No matter how big or small you are, there are certain legal regulations that you have to comply with. Of course, we highly recommend sticking to your brand when you pick a gift. If you’re running a channel on tattoo art, you could make a full arm tattoo the grand prize for the winner.

Step 2. Understand YouTube Laws, Rules, and Regulations

When you’re ready to publish your contest, head to Settings » General and edit the landing page permalink under Page Permalink. But you need to have clear expectations and your goals will dictate everything about your giveaway. Not to mention, it’s going to be way easier to measure success once your giveaway is over. Zach then finishes with a call to action allowing users to win some shoes and store credit for CoolKicks LA.

One of the most important settings you’ll need to configure is the giveaway rules. You can also upload an image of your prize by clicking the Select Image button below the description box. You can then choose an image from your media library or upload an image from your computer. RafflePress makes it even easier to do this by letting you set your contest up on a landing page directly on your website.

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The most popular way to create a YouTube giveaway is to film a contest video and ask people to perform specific actions to enter your contest. YouTube has guidelines in place to ensure fair and transparent contests on its platform. Familiarize yourself with these policies and make sure your giveaway adheres to them. In addition to YouTube’s large user base, the platform allows businesses and creators to hold viewers’ attention more effectively than any other type of media. To do a giveaway on YouTube by publishing it to your website or blog, it’s as simple as adding the RafflePress widget to a new post or page.

Step #2: Check Out YouTube’s Rules and Regulations for Giveaways

Since Sweetwater has an existing website, we’d suggest hosting the giveaway on their site with RafflePress. That way, they can use the built-in rules generator to show their guidelines inside their giveaway widget. Since YouTube’s giveaway rules have changed over the years to prevent channel owners from manipulating metrics, we’d suggest replicating this contest using RafflePress on your website. Since users aren’t required to follow your YouTube channel, it doesn’t break any of YouTube’s giveaway rules. We’d then add a few optional bonus entries, such as visiting our YouTube channel, watching a video, or referring the contest to a friend, to boost the giveaway’s visibility.

For more insight on some creative contest prize ideas, we have compiled a great list of 15 creative contest prize ideas. Now publish the post, add it to your YouTube description, and promote it. When you’re ready to publish your contest, head to Settings » General. You can also set the date, and the time your giveaway will start and end and choose your timezone underneath the Start and End Time section. After clicking Add New, RafflePress will take you to a new screen where you’ll name your giveaway and choose a template for your contest. We get that you’re eager to get your contest live, but having a complete set of rules in place protects you from any legalities and protects your audience from any misunderstandings.

Instead of a product roundup, she creates a tutorial on how to use Color Pop’s The Child makeup palettes, with the chance for users to win one of their own. You can easily replicate this with RafflePress by asking users to watch the video and answer a question about their 6 reasons to consider offshore software development favorite product. Look at this example from Lisa Eldrige, where participants could win 1 of over 40+ products. This is an excellent tactic to ensure people watch right to the end of your video. Instead of just 1 giveaway, he ran 1 per day for 10 days to win 10 watches.

In his video, he rounds up some of the latest products in his niche. To make this giveaway a lot easier to manage, we’d consolidate it into a single giveaway landing page with individual actions for each platform. In the video description, users can click to see the official rules on their website and how to enter. Now that you know all the benefits of YouTube video contests and how to create one, here are some excellent examples you can use as inspiration. Instead of writing your official rules manually, you can automatically answer a few questions and generate your terms of service. Once generated, you can edit them and add a disclaimer to release YouTube from any liability related to your contest.

If you have many prizes, you can click the + Add Another Prize button to add more. But today, we’ll focus on the 2 easiest methods so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Unlike other giveaway apps and plugins, RafflePress has bonus actions verified using API where possible.

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